Modern VoIP dialers

Dialers are small programs that either change your existing internet access telephone number or create a new internet connection on a computer system. After the program is downloaded and installed, the dialer connects to the internet via modem or ISDN-card. The existing internet connection is usually disconnected. The dialer sets itself as the default connection, then uses a very expensive phone number to dial in. Usually, dialers only work with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

There are two ways a PC can connect to the internet by using an analog dial-up connection (modem or ISDN) or a broadband connection. The difference between them is how the data is submitted. A dial-up internet access converts the data into sound and sends it through the phone line like a phone call. ISDN submits data digitally using the phone line. Broadband connections (DSL or cable) also send data via the phone line but with much higher frequency. While some DSL connections use the windows dialup connection, the dialer is designed for an analog modems and cannot operate with a DSL or Cable modems. BUT, if you have an analogue modem connected to your computer for faxing or other connection requirements, then despite your broadband connection, the dialer can make the analogue modem dial a premium rate number.

If you are an Asterisk integrator, it may have happened to you: one of your clients requires simple outbound capabilities, e.g. calling back a customer who filled in a recall form on their website. Simple enough.

You start by creating an Asterisk callfile to generate each call – it works nicely and it is easy to set up, but if the call does not complete then it is lost. So you have to create a process that keeps track of the call and retries it in time. And that’s not an easy feat to pull off when starting from a callfile.

The first thing your client notices is that calls end up using an unpredictable amount of lines – as they basically have an office PBX, people cannot dial in because at peak times your script is saturating all outgoing channels. Management is not happy and you have to keep track of trunk usage – not only your own, but your client’s as well.

Then your client notices that those calls should not be made outside business hours – a customer might require a call at night, but there must be someone at their offices in order to call back. So you have to implement a calendar in your custom application.

Now that you have the calendar, your client notices that calls are generated at inconvenient times – sometimes all of their service reps are sitting idle, and other times they are all busy and calls keep piling up. So you have to edit your scripts to keep track of the current end-point statuses and decide when it is a good time to call.

Just at this point, they start to saturate their existing PBX, so they need to set up a cluster of boxes and they want your application to handle this. And while you are at it, what about usage statistics? and why not running different outbound services at once? and did they tell you they need to integrate their existing CRM? and could you add predictive capabilities to the set?

It looks like a nightmare. And it actually is – been there, done that. That’s why VoIP Dialer was created: all common outbound logic should be encapsulated through a declarative interface. No need to reinvent the wheel. You program the dialplan to be executed – either manually or through a GUI – and VoIPDialer takes care of the rest. You create scripts if you need to send and receive data from VoIPDialer, and you can control it all through a simple HTTP interface.

How much time is this going to save you?

Incredibly affordable, flexible and easy-to-use, VoIP offers you an auto-dialer that uses your computer to deliver personal calls or leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice.

VoIP’s  affordability stems from the fact that you buy it once and own it for life. There are no additional monthly or per-call fees to pay.

Its features include live-call transfer, automated messages, touch-tone opt-out options and an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface.

How does it work?

This PHP-Node.js based software uses VOIP technology to make calls through your computer. The calls are delivered either through a VOIP channel, such as SIP or Skype, or through your regular phone lines.

VoIP offers an incredibly rich set of features. It is ideal for the communication needs of businesses, faith communities, NGO/nonprofits, political campaigns, schools, or government offices.

To start a broadcast:

Create or import a call list, just as you would create a simple spreadsheet file.

Record a voice message using your computer or telephone, or type in your message and let a computer-generated voice read it aloud for you.

Click to broadcast the message now, or use the built-in calendar to choose the date and time you want the messages sent. That’s it!

This auto dialer software is great for

Marketing campaigns

Service pickup or delivery notifications

Phone-trees for schools, libraries, faith communities, clubs, organizations or government offices

Telephone notification of events or sales promotions

Lead generation

Telephone surveys

Debt reminders or notices

Political campaigning

Emergency alert and escalation processes (call until confirm)

Repetitive robo-calls to the same phone numbers

Key Features Of This Auto Dialer Software

Automated dialing with a single click

Incredible scalability–can dial thousands of simultaneous calls from a single, ordinary computer

Live call transfer to any phone (yep, that’s right. If your message recipients want to speak to someone right away, they can press a number and get transferred to a live operator or leave a message for you.)

Interactive touch tone response (press 1, press 2, …) or even voice-activated command and response capabilities

Voice message recording by phone, by computer or by studio

Computer-generated voice (optional); Save/restore call list, import or copy-paste call list

Detects human pick up, answering machine, busy, no answer, disconnected line

Automatic retry for busy line or no answer

Built in calendar for advanced call scheduling

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring calls

Call until confirm (for emergency alert escalation)

Automatically schedule call for next day if calls are not finished

Multilingual Text-to-Speech (optional) for customizing each phone call

A customer may call in search of a specific piece of telecommunications equipment (e.g., Predictive Dialer, VoIP PBX) and after discussing their needs and requirements, the customer discovers that we can help with all of their technical call center needs:

  • Layout the Call Center Room and provide affordable cubicles and office furniture to furnish the call center
  • Provide affordable Local/Long Distance/VoIP/SIP/T1/DS3 phone service as well as Internet Data services while acting as technical intermediary between the Telecommunications carriers to ensure proper communication and installation of these complicated circuits
  • Provide the necessary Structured Cabling and Premise Wiring needed to interconnect all of the agents, offices and systems
  • Design and install the Computer and Network Infrastructure needed to interconnect the systems (e.g., Desktop computers, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, appliances)
  • Provide the Telephony equipment needed to address their inbound and outbound customer contact needs (e.g., Predictive Dialers, Auto Dialers, IVR Systems, PBXs, VoIP, Telephone Key Systems) and install and configure these devices to the customer’s specifications
  • Provide any customized programming needed to make information easily and efficiently accessible to the organization utilizing quick and easy to implement Web/Database based solutions
  • Move an existing Call Center to a new location or setup a new location while ensuring that expensive service interruptions are kept under control


With reduced cost and time VoIP Dialers can be utilized as a powerful tele-marketing tool to promote various programs and advertisements. It offers value-added services to customers.  VoIP Predictive Dialer’s best-of-breed technology ensures lowest dropped or abandoned calls. It eliminates unproductive calls (Answering Machine Detection, busy signals, SIT tones) and manages leads and campaigns intelligently. Its revolutionary predictive dialing algorithm (Learnsys) is based on machine learning. It learns via more than 40 parameters (connectivity ratio, lead quality, agent’s performance) at run-time, by constantly monitoring them, and intelligently decides on number of calls to be initiated at any given time. It impacts the connect ratio significantly, scoring around double the number of contacts in comparison to other standard predictive dialing solutions. With advanced scripting, you can provide your agents with the latest and customized data for optimum customer experience.

VoIP tries to reach more than thousands of people in diversified languages. There is a perfect control over call operations in an organization if the execution results in overall productivity. VoIP can be utilized as a powerful tele-marketing tool to promote various programs, advertisements, offers and value-added services to customers with reduced cost and time.

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