Gathering client requirements and understanding pain areas for web applications

Gathering Client requirements for web based solutions, web applications

Many of us are in the business of Information and communication technology. and either we provide a service/solution or sell a product to clients. gathering the requirements from clients is one of the toughest part.
At qamar media we are always on the look out of how to solve this issue and have outlined few points that i would like to share with you guys.
Listen and Understand
This is the core principle of beginning a long term business relationship with the client. never be in a hurry to sell the new technology that your company has to the customer. Listen to him completely and understand his problem and identify the pain areas in his business. Once you understood the problem it will be much easier to sell him/her a service or solution that he/she will like and use and come back to you for more as soon as he starts seeing the benefits.
So for example if automation using excel macros is the right thing to do to rectify the pain areas then offer him excel macros based solution do not offer him .web based jazzy tools, you might make more money initially but in the long run it will not help your business

How many times do we feel that clients are un-educated and un-informed and they dont even know basic stuff like html?
Well the answer is almost every client will be un aware of the ICT thats why he is a client and we are the ones offering him services/solutions.
So start educating the customers from Day one. start by conducting webinars, create documentation on every process details and share it with clients, send pdfs and ppts to clients to make them understand what you are offering and how it will be beneficial to them. Use visuals to put your point across.
Be patient
Yeah that’s the age old saying and it holds true in the business of Information and communication technology, just be patient and make your moves accordingly do not always go for the kill.
Yes. How many times have we heard about this? Almost always, yet this is one area that we ignore the most.
Over the last few years we had the opportunity of working with some of the best agencies in mumbai and one lesson that we have learnt to successfully complete a project is creating proper documentation.

Well folks, thats it for now, hope you enjoy reading this.
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