Website Re-design

Attention Website Owners! Studies show that up to 32% visitors to a well-designed and navigable site can be converted into customers.

We have been in this business for over couple of years now and currently maintain
well over 1000 of  websites. Our customers include many small & medium size businesses and several web design companies.

Let our trained professionals handle your website needs so that you can focus on running your business!

Web Maintenance Services

Why spend time doing something that can be outsourced to a professional at an affordable cost? You can just call us at +91-022-42154814 or send the instructions over mail and get the job done.
Outsource your web maintenance services to us while you and your team concentrate on your business.
The structure of online business has changed and we recognize it because we are successful in this business.

Updates and Editing Services
This is a broad list of services generally required by our clients. We offer application development and customized solutions for websites; our niche is e commerce websites.

The table includes a brief overview of updating and editing services required by busy business owners who would like to give more time to their business. Together they take 10 hours a month. 

Our Design and development service covers all aspects of web design, development & maintenance. 

So if you are a website owner seeking to redo your website or want to add features to it, we will do it. 

  • Website Content Updates.
  • Product Updates For Ecommerce Sites.
  • Formatting/ Uploading Your Blog Post.
  • Uploading Your Podcast.
  • Uploading Your Videos.
  • Managing Your Media Section.
  • Maintaining/ Managing Your Newsletter.
  • Social Bookmarking Tags and Icons.
Development Services
You can also outsource your web business to us in absolute confidentiality and complete efficiency.

We also cover PPC requirements of creating tested landing pages that have worked for our clients and tweaking them for multivariate and split testing.

  • Add a Blog.
  • Add a Forum.
  • Feature Addition.
  • Adding Forms & validating them for spam.
  • Design/Redesign Services.
  • Creating Your PPC Landing Page.
  • Design Tweaks for Split Testing and Multivariate Testing.
  • Outsourcing of Website Design Projects.
  • Website Analysis Service.

The nature of website maintenance services has changed and so have we. Now web maintenance has much to do with analysis of visitors, breakdown of traffic sources and tracking conversions.
If you are not tracking your website how will you know what’s working?
Where will you pitch your next campaign?
How will you know at what page your visitors are leaving? Track your website with detailed analysis.

  • Analyzing Backlinks.
  • Tracking Social Media.
  • Site Traffic Analysis & Reporting.
  • Online Market Scope Analysis.
  • Conversion Analysis.
Why Qamar Media's maintenance service ??
It's no secret that both visitors and search engine alike prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on a regular basis. Websites needs regular maintenance, like the updating of content and graphics, keeping the web site current to showcase the latest products and services that your business offers, communicating changes in your company, and adding the latest features currently used by web sites like e-commerce, SEM (search engine marketing), new technology, and so forth. No matter the type of business, you need ongoing web site maintenance to make sure that you are getting the highest return on website investment.

Are your getting your website updated regularly?

If yes, are you spending a fortune on website maintenance?

Does your website maintenance company take too long to take care of your needs?

Our website maintenance packages are designed so that anyone in your organization can successfully handle the maintenance needs of your company’s web site. We have plans to suit every business type and need.

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