Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Opimisation.

We have a problem, we want people to visit our Web site, that’s the purpose after all to bring people to our website and increase traffic inorder to make people buy products from our website, make them aware of our company, marketing etc there could be many more reasons.

This is where Qamar Media comes in picture. We assist people and companies to make sure that their website gets the desired publicity. How? One of the main methods is to do Search Engine Optimization using White Hat techniques and ensuring that the websites appears in search results of major search systems. Almost 80 percent of new site visits begin at search engines. Below is a list of popular search engines.
  • Google
  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • AskJeeves
  • InfoSpace
  • AltaVista
  • Overture
  • Netscape
  • EarthLink
  • looksmart
  • lycos

We need to make sure that our website is indexed by important search systems, remember that search systems in turn power search engines.

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What search engine optimization include?
Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.

Organic Search:
We assure natural results where the search engine spiders your website. Our hands on experience in organic search engine optimization comes with a functional skill set.We strive for organic search result which provides with greater online visibility, traffic and revenue.

On-Page SEO:
Our team will come up with the great on-page SEO techniques. With these strategies will increase your website and page rankings. We will work on all page titles, Meta tags, descriptions, internal links etc.

Link Building:
Link building is given keen attention as this is essential for prominent SEO strategy. All the keywords which are listed in search engine are provided with internal links to get more traffic.

Keyword Research / Strategy:
Our keyword research outlines target keywords which are important for website architecture and content of website. Our main search phrases and search trends helps every client to outstand and progress out of competition.

Activity Reports:
The entire months on page and off pageSEO activities are reported and provided. We include full pledged information of results from SEO content optimization, and the to-do list for the website performance.